P&M Moreira


Founded in 2008, in an increasingly demanding business environment, it was necessary to guarantee the quality of the services provided in the company's various business areas. 

As a company, our aim is to invest in training to enhance our employees' knowledge and skill sets, so that we will be in a position to anticipate our customers' needs. As the basis for the excellence of our products and services, our primary mission is to create partnerships with our customers, working for their benefit and helping, whenever possible and whenever the market requires it, to create better and more profitable ways of working and to use the most appropriate tools and equipment for the job in hand.

To ensure that the company is well-structured and up-to-date, thereby enabling the best possible results to be achieved and allowing us to secure customer loyalty.

– Customer satisfaction
– Standardisation of solutions of certified and guaranteed efficiency
– Standardisation of image
– A supplier/customer relationship based on trust
– Expansion of the regional, national and international market
– Job creation
– Innovation
– Improved safety conditions in the workplace

The company has access to a variety of technical competences and experience in various areas. We will bring together all the resources needed for any project, regardless of size. Our specialised skills and knowledge, together with the spirit of collaboration and team culture that exists within the company and in our relationship with our customers, means that the fundamental building blocks for success are in place; we can fulfil our missions and overcome any difficulties that projects may present.

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    Rua da Indústria, Lote 12
    Zona Industrial de Montalvo
    2250-273 Montalvo